How to check your balance for Gemini II incentivized testnet

Gemini II started at block 203,099 and ended at block 701,019 approximately on October 25, at 4 pm UTC. Therefore, if you have kept your node running beyond that point, you might likely see a higher balance than is being considered for the reward distribution.

How to check your Gemini II balance at block 701,019
Head to the PolkadoJS block explorer and click on the Chain state option under Developer tab on the menu.

Click on the selected state query dropdown and choose system

If the account field is grayed out, go to the Address Book page to add your reward address, then head back to the Chain state page.

You will need the hash for block 701,019, which is 0x3fa9ea50ab116fd41b295fc88382871eb50de205f4f8e29783d9bb24c82fe0b3 and it can be verified on the explorer.

After you enter the hash and have your account selected, click n the “+” sign in the top right corner. You will get the balance for your reward address at the exact block in time.

There are 18 decimal positions, so the account used in this image shows it has a balance of 101.6 at block 701,019.


Thanks for the info, everything checks out cool! :+1:

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Hi guys when we will receive it on balance account ? Thanks

Sometime after mainnet