How to check which block I got reward for?

When I woke up and checked my wallet today, I saw that I won rewards But, I cannot find the exact node log that shows which block I won the reward for.

Is there a way on Telemetry or Polkadot or some other avenue to check which block I got reward for?

You will want to make sure you have your wallet loaded into polkadot.js extension and go to the block explorer here: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

You will then want to select Accounts and this will take you to your wallets, showing your balance

I think he’s asking for more than just balance. He wants to see what blocks his address has hit, does Polkadot explorer support that? Is there a way in accounts to expand your balance see for example, that your address was credited for signing block #234567?

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Unfortunately the block explorer does not inherently have a way to search this info, it is possible with programming but will take some work.

Definitely something we want to get added as we build out our own custom explorers and such

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