How to check if the block I farmed is being included in the chain?

I see in my CLI log or Desktop app UI that I have successfully farmed a few blocks. However, checking my account balance on the block explorer I noticed I had a reward missing. From this post Сoin disappeared from wallet balance I learned that block farmed doesn’t always equal block included in the chain, due to reorg.

Why does it happen and what is the best way to check which blocks among all the ones I farmed were accepted into the chain?

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Given that block inclusion into the longest chain is based on distributed consensus, soft forks/reorgs can occur somewhat frequently for the latest (most recent) blocks. In layman’s terms, there are multiple candidates for the same block height produced by different farmers. Because only one block can be selected for each given height, all remaining candidates will be dropped and their block reward will not be recognized.

In the CLI log or Desktop Farmer UI you might still see confirmation of blocks produced that have not been included in the longest chain. The simplest way to check is to use the block explorer.

Taking block #800974 as an example, highlighted section below from the explorer shows the block winner reward address. If you successfully farmed the same block, but the winning address differed, the network consensus chose another candidate block.