How to check for Rewards on the Subspace Network

If you are running a Subspace Farmer and would like to check to see if you have won any rewards you can try the following options.

A. Check your node output for won blocks or votes.

  • Won Block Output:

    • If you find this output your farmer has won a block
    INFO subspace: 🚜 Claimed block at slot 1680016352
    INFO sc_basic_authorship::basic_authorship: 🙌 Starting consensus session on top of parent 0x0...
    INFO substrate: ✨ Imported #643848 (0x0...)
    INFO sc_basic_authorship::basic_authorship: 🎁 Prepared block for proposing at 643848 (1804 ms) [hash: 0x0...; parent_hash: 0x0....; extrinsics (20): [0xf0c3…acb0, 0x25b6…8cd3, 0x5fde…cbbc, 0x52af…a1e3, 0xa7eb…8476, 0xf389…97de, 0xabb5…b65f, 0xc007…2d97, 0x253b…6c9e, 0x8074…3277, 0x668d…b966, 0xf6cc…3f4f, 0x219a…5352, 0x7f2a…6119, 0x484e…348d, 0x47e3…661b, 0x7725…4652, 0x1665…db01, 0x865b…e32c, 0x2bec…d9d4]]
    INFO single_disk_plot{disk_farm_index=0}: subspace_farmer::reward_signing: Successfully signed reward hash 0xd874f1901141c3213dc81bc696751ba364ac98fbb1999b140c3f2f025c0048b6
    2023-03-28T15:12:35.152027Z  INFO subspace: 🔖 Pre-sealed block for proposal at 643848. Hash now 0x1657d13ae8ecdbc7af4e09229904c1912f143ced1b61320891738164e10adc04, previously 0xd874f1901141c3213dc81bc696751ba364ac98fbb1999b140c3f2f025c0048b6.
  • Won Vote Output:

    • If you find this output your farmer has won a block
    INFO subspace: 🗳️ Claimed vote at slot 1680068566
    INFO single_disk_plot{disk_farm_index=0}: subspace_farmer::reward_signing: Successfully signed reward hash 0xcbed700564b8078fb3b6f98d6d4b8b3eedbe3cc2a352ae85bc362b408a62c7f3

B. Check your wallet for won tSSC

  • If you are using Subwallet or a Substrate wallet that shows balance, you can do the following.
    1. Open your Subwallet, and verify you are on the right network in question. (In this case Gemini-3C)
    2. Check your balance inside the wallet - Note: The balance is correlated to which network you select in the top right. Keep this in mind when looking for expected balances

C. Checking the Explorers

  • We have multiple explorers you can view to check your balance.
  1. Polkadot.js Explorer - Link
    • The link above links to the Gemini-3c, to change networks click the button on the top left → select which network you would like to switch to.
  2. Subscan - Link
    • Subscan is a 3rd party indexing service who is working with the Subspace Network to ensure our network is explorable. Check them out here
  3. Subspace Explorer - Link
    • Note: The Subspace Explorer is still in Alpha, currently wallet searching may be facing some issues.

D. How do I check for the various versions of testnets? (Aires, Gemini-1, Gemini-2, etc)
Option A:

  1. We will visit the Subspace Explorer linked on step C.3.
  2. In the top right you will see a dropdown with the other chain options
    Note: We are still in the process of adding all of the Subspace Networks to this explorer

Option B:

  1. We will visit the Polkadot.js Explorer linked on step C.1.
  2. Click the top left portion of the screen where it lists what chain you are on
  3. Expand the Test Networks
  4. Scroll until you see the Subspace Networks
    Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of our networks

Using the methods above you should be now able to check if you have won any tSSC credits during our testnet. If you are still facing troubles you can check out the post below for additional insight.