How do I fully remove/uninstall the Farmer?

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I would like to uninstall and fully remove my old farmer in preparation for the new coming update.

I have ran on both Subspace Desktop, the CLI Binaries, & Docker.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Assuming you followed the official instructions all you will need to run is docker-compose down -v. This will do a few things

  • Stop the Node & Famer containers
  • Unmount the Virtual volume(s) created by docker for the Node & Farmer
  • Delete the virtual volume(s)
  • Delete the Node & Farmer containers
  • Delete the Virtual Network for Node & Farmer

CLI Binaries

The CLI Binaries will follow a similar path as the directions for Switching to a new snapshot section on the official CLI docs.

  1. Make sure your farmer and node terminal are stopped. Generally this just means closing the terminal(s), though this may require additional steps if you utilized a tool such as screen, tmux or systemd.

  2. Wipe the Farmer Plot & Identity. Make sure to replace FARMER_FILE_NAME with the name of the farmer file you downloaded from releases. Also note if you specified a custom plot path on the farmer you will need to include this path in the wipe command as you did with the farm command when launching your farmer.

  1. Wipe all of the data associated with the node with the following command. Make sure to replace NODE_FILE_NAME with the name of the node file you downloaded from releases. Also note, the --chain type may change depending on which version you are upgrading from. In the case of the inc. testnet the chain type was gemini
./NODE_FILE_NAME purge-chain --chain gemini-1
  1. You have now removed the following items
  • Node Database & Misc configuration files
  • Farmer plot & associated plot identity

Subspace Desktop

Subspace Desktop uninstall instructions will very based on which operating system you are on.
With Subspace Desktop there are two ‘parts’ to the application data. There is the Application itself, and its associated configuration files. Then there is also the plot data which may be stored in a separate location than the install location of the application.

Please note: If you are just upgrading Subspace Desktop you do not need to uninstall the application, you can just install the new version. Depending on the version you may need to remove plot data, if it is a large update it may be a good idea.

  • Uninstalling Subspace Desktop Application DOES NOT automatically remove the plot data.


Application Uninstall

  1. Open Finder
  2. Go to Applications folder
  3. Find Subspace-Desktop > Right Click > Move to Trash

Plot Data Removal

  1. Open Finder
  2. Go to the directory /Users/[Your User]/Library/Application Support/
  3. Delete the subspace-desktop folder


Application Uninstall

  1. Hit the Windows Start key
  2. Search Add or Remove Programs and open the Windows uninstaller
  3. Locate subspace-desktop > Right Click (or click ... button) > click Uninstall

Plot Data Removal

  1. Hit the Windows Start key
  2. Search %AppData% > Hit enter (This should take you to the directory C:/Users/[Your User]/AppData/Roaming)
  3. Find the folder subspace-desktop > Right Click > click Delete


Application Uninstall

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type the command sudo apt-get remove subspace-desktop

Plot Data Removal

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Type the command cd /.local/share/
  3. Type the command ls and verify subspace-desktop is there
  4. Type the command rm -r subspace-desktop

The stress test took place in the desktop version on my laptop. I downloaded a file from github and ran it as an application. Now I can’t figure out where the whole plot for 11 gigs is located. I want to clear the place. Tell me the directory, if anyone knows, please.

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Depending on the OS you on, use any of the above listed “Plot Data Removal” steps listed above.