Gemini Reward Start Date

We are excited to share we have reached the previously announced catalyst of 3k+ fully synced Subspace nodes that are also actively participating in the consensus. This means we are ready to enable on-chain rewards within the next 48 hours. More precisely, rewards will be enabled this Saturday, June 11, at 3 pm UTC / 11 am ET.

We are aware many community members are still in the process of syncing their nodes. As more nodes reach parity with the latest blocks, we expect the quality of peers to improve, reducing the average sync time. We are also constantly working on improving the node client to reduce the RAM consumption and many other optimizations.

You can use the block explorer linked below to check the latest block.

If your node happens to be far ahead in block number compared to what you see on the block explorer, it means you are on the wrong fork. The same is true if you see the following message on your terminal/logs: Node is running on non-canonical fork.

Please follow the instructions below to reset your node. Otherwise, your node will not be able to earn any rewards.

Thank you again for taking part in this journey.