[Gemini] Farmer app stuck on early block

On Subspace Desktop version 0.6.0 several users are reporting that the farmer is stuck on a low block number. App shows the status as “Synced and Farming” but Telemetry shows the farming has paused.

This issue has been reported on both Windows and macOS.



For context on itchy-guitar-7139 (macOS) reported above.


Spoiler: it is fine :slight_smile:

Long explanation:
Highest block depends on the node we connected to. Unlike CLI, Desktop App is showing the sync process as well. And this syncing process depends on the node we connect to (no need for additional technical details).
It is ok, since these information is always updated and getting processed in the background. So, even though you see synced above, it is actually continue syncing in the background. And in this case, it is not finished of course.
We will handle the UI better for our users to not get confused, but backend works as expected, and as it is in the CLI.

One thing that confused me here is:

telemetry shows the farming has paused

I couldn’t understand that. Which part in the SS indicates that (sorry if I couldn’t see it, was a long day :slight_smile: )

To my understanding, farming/plotting/syncing, everything continues in the background.

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Thank you, in summary to confirm my understanding:

  • The Desktop App is continuing to sync in the background
  • The cause is due to the syncing node that the app is connected with
  • Backend works as expected, even though UI doesn’t show, there are no additional steps to take other than wait

“Telemetry shows the farming as paused”
A better description is that “telemetry also shows that syncing has stopped progressing.” I shared the telemetry SS to show the lag was being displayed in both places (GUI and telemetry). Those are the only indications I have that syncing is not progressing. But if the backend is continuing as expected, then we should have nothing to worry about

Have the same issue (CLI Ubuntu 20.04)

@seotomru The same s*ituation here. Block 2059.

see the #announcements channel for an update with this issue.