Gemini 3c, What to Expect

As we move forward with Gemini 3c, we want to continue to answer every question from our farmers and ensure everyone has access to support while running a Subspace Farmer. As such, we put together this clear what to expect post outlining several important questions and known issues as of March 22, 2023.

Getting started with Gemini 3c

Before diving into this post, please read the official Gemini III announcement.

The original announcement is available here:

What to Expect with Gemini 3c

It is important to note that this is a non-incentivized stage of Gemini III. As the core contributors progress the codebase, additional features will be added gradually. That means there will be several iterations of Gemini III (Gemini 3c → Gemini 3d → etc.) and eventually reach a stage where we are ready to start the incentivized testnet stage (more details on this later!).

For now, the goal for this stage is to find as many bugs as possible. We hope to surface any issue or bug that may be present in the Subspace Network, the CLI, the Explorer, or any other related S program/API. As such, we expect issues and problems to arise as we evolve the network. All we ask is for your help documenting any issues that you experience to ensure they get resolved.

As for what to expect during the farming process and throughout Gemini III, we’ve gathered some insights below. For the official documentation on how to start farming, please visit: Simple CLI (Recommended) | Farm from Anywhere

Node/Farmer Phases:

  1. Syncing

    • Estimated Time: ~ 2-7 Days
    • This is when your node & farmer syncs the network history from the Subspace Network
  2. Plotting

    • Estimated Time: ~ 12 Hours - 1 Day (Based on Recommended Plot Size)
    • This will finalize after your syncing is complete. This is when your plot is being encoded for your farmer
  3. Farming

    • This is the final stage of setting up your farmer. From here you may see occasional updates or errors from the node or farmer but in general you should start to see your node farming tSSC.

After you got your farmer running you can always view it on our telemetry here:

Or also view your account via the Block Explorer:

Common Bugs

If you are experiencing technical issues, check the list below to see if they are “known issues” that we’re already working on resolving. If you don’t see anything that resembles the issue you’re experiencing, feel free to reach out for help in our Discord or see if there may be a post matching your issue in the Support Category. If you don’t see an existing post stating a similar issue, feel free to make one!

Known Issues:

  • Node knocks out internet in whole house

    • The core contributors are currently investigating this issue. If you are experiencing this issue, please add details regarding your system and network to the post above and feel free to shut your farmer down until we are able to release a patch for this issue.
  • Loss of internet causes fast sync and then plotting crash

    • If you are experiencing this issue during your initial sync process, you may attempt a simple restart of your farmer. If the issue persists you may need to wipe and restart the farmer.
  • Database errors from Subspace CLI

    • If you are experiencing this issue, you can attempt to continue syncing past it. This issue has been reported to the engineers and we are currently awaiting bug fixes.