Feedback and comments on Gemini3 testing

  1. Run subspace-cli info. If subspace-farmer is run on the node, the correct information is not displayed.Instead, the following is displayed:
    ./subspace-cli info
    There is no active farmer instance…
    Error: Couldn’t read the summary file, are you sure you ran the farm command?
  2. Consider subspace-cli balance [address] to query the balance of the specified address

@ozgun some feedback for the cli. Let me know if you would prefer i make this github issues instead moving forward.

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Hello! Thanks for the great feedback, the reason info command is not working great at the moment, is because we are planning to abandon it.

As you suggested, we are planning to query the following:

  • how many rewards earned
  • how many blocks have been farmed
  • how many blocks have been voted on
    from querying the blocks.

However, this logic is not implemented yet.

@ImmaZoni , as long as you tag me, I prefer to stay in the forum, and make issues when we see fit. Thanks!