Farming stopped: 2023-11-11T03:56:45.531118Z WARN jsonrpsee_core::client::async_client::helpers: Subscription Str("1p3gMb4f18Cdcd4Y") is not active

Issue Report


  • Windows 10
  • Advanced CLI


I noticed tonight that my windows farmer had simply stopped for several hours. There was no message indicating this in the output. I only noticed because the replot underway had not progressed, so I looked at the last time stamp and realized it was hours ago.

When I hit control-c, I got thousands of repetitions of the following two warning lines. So many that they scrolled all previous log messages into oblivion, so unfortunately I cannot provide logs (though everything was normal until the stop). All of them had the same basic timestamp of 03:56, the moment I hit Control-c, differing only in microseconds.

2023-11-11T03:56:45.527096Z WARN jsonrpsee_core::client::async_client::helpers: Subscription Str(“1p3gMb4f18Cdcd4Y”) is not active
2023-11-11T03:56:45.527142Z WARN jsonrpsee_core::client::async_client::helpers: Subscription Str(“I3h48tZytEjJwagv”) is not active

Any hints what might have happened here? I was able to restart it and it seems to be working okay now, but I fear not noticing if it happens again and losing many more hours.

You should look both at node and farmer logs, especially around the same time when issue happened.