Farmer stuck on DSN listening

Issue Report


  • Operating System: Ubunutu
  • CPU Architecture: Threadripper Gen 2
  • RAM:
  • Storage: U2 SN200 plot drive
  • Plot Size: 100GB
  • Subspace Deployment Method: Simple CLI
  • Networking Card: Aquantia 10GB Card


User @Whaletjie is having an issue where his farmer will not get past the DSN Listening on... screen. The Node fully syncs, establishes connection with peers, ports are open as expected, but is still never able to progress past this stage. The user is using a 10GB Aquantia networking card, that may be the source of the issue, when the user switches to their 1GB intel LAN it works as expected. Multiple users have reported similar issues with Aquantia cards, awaiting their details.

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