Farmer got stuck

My farmer seems to stop just seconds after setting it up, however it seems my node is running smoothly.

If the node is running correctly and you’ve verified it’s best block is the same as the one on telemetry then you should be fine.

The farmer only has to plot once since it’s not really “stopped” it’s just done with its task for the moment

Nope it’s yet to complete the intial plotting. Been stuck at block 2548 for a while now. Are there blocks that we are meant to get stuck at?

Look at logs of the node, it must be downloading something. Segments are plotted only when new history is created, which happens frequently during initial sync, but later only once in a while (judging by logs, you’re not fully synced yet).

Yes, I’ve been trying to get fully synced for over 24 hours now and keep getting stuck, I’ve been restarting my node and farmer too, still nothing.

The only explanation I have for this is that you have a very slow network connection to other peers on the network. We already reduced requirements for Gemini 2a, but you are still expected to have ~10Mbps reliable connection. Not just to local servers in your country, but to other participants on Subspace network all around the world.