FAQ: How will token rewards incentivize regular folks to find an old HD to farm?

Question from SB123#3585 on Discord:

Regarding scalability, I think it’s fairly known that most people have neither the know how or desire to run nodes. From previous announcements regarding testnet rewards, I am assuming tokens will be worth very little in the beginning and not enough to really drive the necessary incentive for regular folks to find an old HD to farm. How does Subspace aim to bridge this gap?

You’re right, most people don’t have the experience or desire to run a node. High barriers for entry from other projects are likely the cause of this, since mining hasn’t been widely available for most folks since the early BTC days.

Stress test rewards probably won’t amount to life changing funds. We haven’t made a determination on the amount yet, but the idea is for it to be a fair token of gratitude given weeks of testing

The target for farming participation is less about driving people to invest further, but rather to make the process accessible for everyone who wants to participate, and to give an extra life to hardware that you already own. To bridge the gap the primary focus is to 1. keep the farmer accessible and 2. maintain very low overhead for maintenance. So low that you think “Why not?” just keep your farmer running in the background