Failed to build a farmer

I am getting this error while running node. help please

0: Failed to build a farmer
1: Single disk plot creation error: I/O error: File exists (os error 17)
2: I/O error: File exists (os error 17)
3: File exists (os error 17)


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1: color_eyre::config::EyreHook::into_eyre_hook::{{closure}}::h6e0f30e052fde71f
at :
2: eyre::capture_handler::h0f12d3a4ca1b1720
at :
3: subspace_cli::commands::farm::farm::{{closure}}::{{closure}}::hd48233d523a12c91
at :
4: <tracing::instrument::Instrumented as core::future::future::Future>::poll::ha69d2cfba140e540
at :
5: subspace_cli::main::ha7bf79e05a858f4f
at :
6: std::sys_common::backtrace::__rust_begin_short_backtrace::h01d2325af002aa28
at :
7: main
at :
8: __libc_start_main
at :
9: _start
at :

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Is this your first time setting up the farmer? It appears that the system is detecting a pre-existing installation. If this is the case, you might consider wiping the current setup and re-initializing the CLI to ensure a clean installation.

It was giving the same error before, I reinstalled the server and reinstalled the node that way.

Interesting, lets check for the file that it says exists manually,

you can find the configuration file in the following locations

Windows: %appdata%\subspace-cli\settings.toml

MacOS: $HOME/Library/Application Support/subspace-cli/settings.toml

Ubuntu: $HOME/.config/subspace-cli/settings.toml

if that file is infact there, go ahead and delete it and try and try to re-run the initialization phase.

I deleted node and reinstalled it and it gave an error again

when you deleted and reinstalled, did you run the wipe command from the terminal?

If not, you will want to wipe everything and attempt again, simply removing the program does not remove the config files on your system, meaning a reinstall could replicate the same issue with no wipe (assuming the error is related to your config file which appears to be the case with this error)