Error: SubstrateService(Other("Failed to build a full subspace node: Backend error: IO error:

Good day!

I’m trying to raise testnet on three (3) computers, 1 laptop + 2 home computers according to the instructions!

On 1 home computer, everything started without problems, everything works, but on the second computer and on the laptop, when you perform the same actions, you can’t start it!

Although the system of all computers and all settings are the same, but only 1 computer works!

After running on the second home computer:

.\subspace-node-windows-x86_64-snapshot-2022-may-03.exe --chain testnet
–execution native --unsafe-pruning
–pruning 1024 --keep-blocks 1024
–validator `
–name mclub

An error comes out:

Error: SubstrateService(Other(“Failed to build a full subspace node: Backend error: IO error: No such file or directory: Failed to create a directory: C:\Users\Майнер\AppData\Local\subspace-node\data\chains\subspace_test\db\full: ������� �� ������� ����� ��������� ����.\r\n”))
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m Subspace
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :v: version 0.1.0-94eaeb4
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :heart: by Subspace Labs, 2021-2022
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :clipboard: Chain specification: Subspace testnet
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :label: Node name: mclub
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :bust_in_silhouette: Role: AUTHORITY
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :floppy_disk: Database: RocksDb at C:\Users\Майнер\AppData\Local\subspace-node\data\chains\subspace_test\db\full
←[2m2022-05-19 15:14:46←[0m :chains: Native runtime: subspace-101 (subspace-1.tx1.au1)

and the startup process is interrupted!

On a laptop, after running the same code, nothing happens at all, it just goes to the code launch line and that’s it!

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