Error submitting transaction to the pool

Hello , I noticed a new error from the user, but I see it for the first time

Hi, this is a new one! I can’t find any reference to this error anywhere. Could someone from @Support-L2 take a look please?

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Someone despite recommendations against it decided to clone the farmer fully multiple times and got their plot burned.

Since they cloned it not once (as most people do), but twice or more, there were multiple equivocation reports submitted and transaction pool refused to include second+ report because there is one already.

I’ll see if we can improve that, but you can ignore it, it is harmless.

So this is a notification that a peer has submitted a transaction from a cloned plot? Nice to see the network protection referenced in the white paper in action! :slight_smile:

This says the same transaction is already in the pool and the priority (as you can see from log message) is also the same, so basically it complains why are we even submitting it :joy_cat:

There are notifications about equivocation from time to time, but they typically succeed, in this case it was an error because plot was cloned more than once, we typically don’t expect that.

Yes, white paper in action indeed :slightly_smiling_face: