Error plot on docker

Issue Report

Error plot on docker


  • **Operating System: Win 11
  • **CPU Architecture: Dual Xeon E5 2696v4
  • **RAM: 256GB
  • **Storage: 2T SSD NVME
  • **Plot Size: 400GB
  • **Subspace Deployment Method: Docker Desktop


Error plotting from the beginning after restarting node on docker desktop

Expected result

I want a solution to fix the plot already, but after restarting node, plotting from the beginning makes my ssd write a lot and quickly crash

Hi, can you try running the latest version of the software. There was a release yesterday that prevents some crashes.

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snapshot-2023-mar-28 i pull on docker it gives error: Error response from daemon: manifest unknown. But the snapshot-2023-mar-15, it pulls normally and doesn’t crash

Hi, the latest Docker build is currently gemini-3c-2023-mar-23. Please try that one.

I got gemini-3c-2023-mar-23 and I need how to fix error plotting from the beginning after restarting node on docker desktop

Do you mean your node is syncing from scratch or your farm is plotting from scratch? And this happens after docker compose down followed by docker compose up? Do you have some logs we can take a look at?

Logs would be helpful.

In the past what’s happen to me with this issue was

  1. not enough space

  2. you are trying a different plot size the. Your initial plotted size. Resizing is not available yet so you’d need to wipe the farmer (Not the node) and re-plot

Node continues to sync but farm plots from scratch while it has plotted all drives

farmer it doesn’t report anything else but after restarting it plots itself from the beginning

would you mind posting your logs? Its hard to have insight into this potential issue with no logs, when you say its plotting from scratch could you explain what you are seeing that makes you say this?

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I also don’t know how to explain it because the log doesn’t give any errors, it just plots from the beginning and it happens in the File section on the farmer node.

So when you restart a node it will do a recommitment on your plot, meaning its basically going “Hey your plot was last online 45 seconds ago, x, y, & z have happened and its not recorded on your plot.” So your farmer then does a quick plot (aka recommitment) to update your plot.

This is at least my guess of whats going on.

Please copy and paste your full logs so i can investigate further.

If your using the cli the logs are stored in the following areas


  • $HOME/Library/Logs/subspace-cli/


  • $HOME/.local/share/subspace-cli/logs


  • %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/subspace-cli/logs