Error missing field executionChainSpec line 114

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I was getting a node updated and was following:

Running this via CLI on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for some time without issue prior.

I stopped my node, did basic system maintenance (update/upgrade/autoremove/clean/etc…) and rebooted prior to:

moving my ‘old’ subspace files into a folder. Then downloading the new release. Then beginning the process outlined in the link above.

I was able to wipe without issue. When I got to the second step, that’s when I got:

Error: SubstrateCli(Input(“Error parsing spec file: missing field executionChainSpec at line 114 column 1”))

I should note, that the only thing that I did different from the instructions - I did make the two files I downloaded from releases executable prior to using them. But I’m fairly sure that was implied?

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Thank you for your post!

Looks like this is an issue well have to investigate, another user created the bug here for tracking purposes. Will update this post once we resolve the issue, thanks @Jeff_Flowers & Discord User @Yarnik

GitHub issue submitted for this bug below.

Work Around

Please work around this with following command:

subspace-node purge-chain --chain testnet-compiled

There is no such issue in the upcoming release, this solution should only be required for snapshot-2022-may-19

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