Engagement Activity Ideas

We have a few ideas for activities that I would like to hear your feedback on … yes you!

A few rough ideas have been thrown out in the past, but with the help of our new Community Lead Fradique, we may now be able to turn our ideas into reality!

So here are a few leftover ideas from our last conversation. They are only a few but I would like to hear your thoughts on which activities you would be interested in participating in, if any!

If you could list your favorite one, two or three activities in a quick reply, that would be great. Thank you so much!

  • Poker night
  • Maze game
  • Memory game
  • Tetris competition
  • Share your farmer setup
  • Meme contest
  • Logo art contest
  • Quiz game

P.S. – If none of these blow your socks off, that’s alright, I’d still like to hear a womp womp in the replies, or even a fresh idea if you have one. Thank you Subspacers


Skylor, you da man!

Your ideas converge with a number of initiatives in the making and discussed internally. For instance (spoiler alert), a gamification related to ‘share you farmer setup’ you mentioned.

Poker night and Quiz games also hugely popular in most web3 Discord servers. Let’s definitively format and workshop these.

Look forward to hop on a call with the Engagement Team next week to tidy up all the suggestions. All Ambassadors and Apprentice Ambassadors welcome to get involved! :sunglasses:


AI Contest
I suggest using new content creation opportunities, or rather, to do tasks, contests using them.
I’m talking about Midjorney and ChatGPT

Here are the suggestions: contest " how would you depict Dilithium graphically
Or: the context of “what is the star trek of constellations”

Conditions (approximate, add as needed) :
1/ 1 participant - 1 job
2/ you can use any Ai
3/ work format - 1920x1080 png
4/ deadline - until 2024/04/04

I participated in a similar event in Clipper, but there was a creation on the idea of creating NVT badges, which after that actually appeared in the form of nft were sent out as ‘achievements’

We can think about different similar tasks, with ChatGPT I also think of a wide range of possibilities for ideas

many people don’t even try to create content, but with new tools they can do it and get very interesting results, the main thing is to give an incentive to try)))


Very interesting, yomek!

And Thank You for signing up to Engagement Team!

Adding your idea to the Engagement Team space on Coda to share it with the entire group: Coda | Everything evolves, the evolution of documents.

Will reach out to next week to align on next steps. :rocket:

Have a fun weekend!

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