Don't have anymore the wallet mapped at


I ran a node in June and got 29 tSSC in Gemini 1b, I think. Tha name was the same like my username, but the wallet or the json I can not find locally anymore.

The wallet was mapped at the following endpoint, but now I see that the API doesn’t work anymore like in the following screenshot. It was at farm-rpc

I thought that there is OK to have it at this endpoint.

Is there a way to recover it? I can say to the team the IP that I used then, but don’t think that I have other files from that period on my PC.

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farm-rpc was an older testnet, the one you are looking for should be

yes, but there i can not find my subspace wallet mapped…

it was mapped at farm-rpc and i didn’t know that after migrating, the wallet will be lost

You will need to re-import your seed phrase, the best pathway is to use the extnesion wallets and not the built in one in the explorer. added some documentation below on how to get setup on the extension based wallets.

Unfortunately, if you do not have your seed phrase backed up there is likely no way for us to recover the account.