Domain synchronization

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domain synchronization problem.



An NVMe SSD of 4 TB

  • **Operating System: ubuntu22.04


I have a domain synchronization problem. The domain chain is stuck all the time.Is the main frequency too low? Or is there any other impact? For example, it is also affected by the network? I am located in Shanghai, China.

[Paste any errors or relevant logs here]
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Currently, the domain chain is fully derived from the consensus chain locally, not synced from other domain peers, so the domain chain stop progress means either:

  1. The consensus chain can’t sync from other consensus peers (i.e. the consensus chain is lagging behind)
  2. Or the domain chain is idle (i.e. no domain tx) so the operator stops producing an empty bundle thus no new domain block

From the log you provided, it seems your consensus node is stuck at block #913857 so it is situation 1, @nazar-pc do you have any idea or is it some known issue?

Logs should be attached as text, not screenshot, and contain logs from when node started so we can see what was happening with it and for how long. So far it looks like the node is syncing, but that is all I can say from a screenshot.

The networking situation is clearly not ideal with just 9 peers on consensus side while with properly exposed ports as mentioned in documentation you should get 40.