Docs Contest: Enhance our Documentation and Win $250!

Hey Subspacers!

Grab the chance to win $250 for the best merged pull request enhancing our documentation website!

Your task? Submit a pull request that’s impactful, innovative, and high quality. Check out the criteria:

  1. Clarity: Simplify complex ideas.
  2. Relevance: Keep up with the latest in the Subspace community.
  3. Impact: Transform our docs, don’t just tweak.
  4. Innovation: Bring fresh and exciting ideas.
  5. Quality: Ensure technical accuracy, perfect grammar, and clean formatting.

Not sure how to make a change? Check out our guide here. If you’re not familiar with GitHub you should start with the Simple Fix section and work from there.

Need inspiration? Dive into the Subspace Network Forum and Discord channels, or check the Issues page on our GitHub. Look for common problems, user issues, or hot topics.

The competition will be ongoing, and we’ll choose the winner at the end of each month!

But remember, at Subspace, we value every contribution our community members make, whether they win or not. Even if your pull request doesn’t win, you’ll receive a unique Subspace POAP as a token of appreciation for your dedication to improving our documentation. Join in and be part of our vibrant community!

Provide your Ethereum address with this submission form, and please read the doc below for terms & conditions.

:warning: Terms & Conditions:

Docs PR Contest T&C

  1. Increased Monthly Top Prize: The monthly top prize for the best merged PR, as voted by our team, has been raised to $250 :partying_face:.:sunglasses:
  2. Contest Expectations: The Subspace team does not expect transformational updates to the docs through this contest, but rather incremental tightening and alignment.
  3. Larger Projects: If you have ambitious ideas for the docs, please reach out to us. Bounties and grants can be discussed with the team! :exploding_head:

Thank you for contributing to our community and improving our documentation! :rocket:

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:tada::balloon: gvzdv conquers the July Doc Contest! Could YOU Be August’s Winner?:balloon::tada:

We’re thrilled to celebrate our winner in the July Documentation Contest: gvzdv , scoring an impressive $250 top prize for July! :trophy:

But wait, there’s more! We want YOU to join in the August Docs Contest and here’s why:

  • :moneybag: Winning $250 is Easy! gvzdv proved that transformational changes aren’t needed; incremental improvements can lead you to victory! :partying_face:
  • :exploding_head: Have Bigger Ideas? Reach out! We’re all ears for ambitious projects, and bounties. Grants are on the table.
  • :medal: Everyone’s a Winner! Whether you win or not, everyone who enters will receive a unique Subspace POAP

Winning Submission: Safety and Security Guide by gvzdv · Pull Request #188 · subspace/subspace-docs · GitHub


The results for the August Docs contest are in! :tada:

We’re excited to announce that extSunset is our August winner for his impressive PR that automated the generation of the docker-compose file!
He will be receiving $250 USDC for his contribution.

Full list of all contributions in August!

  1. PR 200 that added a link to community-run subreddit.
  2. PR 204 that renamed all instances of Simple CLI and introduced Pulsar
  3. PR 209 that renamed instanced from Gemini 3e to Gemini 3f and made formatting improvements
  4. PR 211 that added some warning about LLVM and Clang 16
  5. PR 208 that updated tmux commands
  6. PR 207 that updated information and warnings about filesystems
  7. PR 212 that automated the generation of docker-compose file
  8. PR 226 that fixed issues with docker file indentation
  9. PR 227 that fixed regex issues with docker file generator
  10. PR 231 that removed some parts from a docker file when they weren’t needed
  11. PR 234 that fixed codeblocks
  12. PR 233 that updated our color palette
  13. PR 235 that updated the start instructions for the docker file

Think you have what it takes? Dive into our Issues page, pick an unassigned issue, and help us transform Subspace!

To enter, don’t forget to fill out the docs contest google form.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Let’s make September even better! :rocket::book: