Desktop app resets log file at each restart - Windows 10

User reported Desktop app on Windows 10 would reset the log at each new restart of the application.

right click on the sys tray icon and exit → start client again → log file starts from empty
v 0.6.7
windows server 2019
default log file location under C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\subspace-desktop

Expected/wanted bahaviour: Rotate the log on application start or based on file size.

I think logs should be kept by default, at least during the testnet stage. The Windows GUI version of the client is still very barebone, and logs are the primary source of troubleshooting info. I have personally had to restart the client multiple times, and the log disappearing every time impeded my troubleshooting. I ended up spinning up another node using the CLI (but I’m still running the Windows one too, to help test things).

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I agree. As the first iteration we were not deleting any thing. But since the filesize can grow very fast, we choose to restart the log in the beginning. However, rotating the log based on the file size is the best option, I agree. Since we had other issues to deal with, it was not a priority.
Becoming more stable now, I will create an issue about it.

Thanks for this wonderful suggestion!

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Thank you for being receptive to the suggestion.