Creating plotts error

Issue Report

Yesterday, July 12, 2023, as of 08:02 GMT, the plotts stopped forming. This problem is not only for me, but also for other guys. I’m sure the team is already aware of it and is solving this problem. Can you tell me when to expect the problem to be fixed? Is it possible that someone just hit a server wire with their foot)?
It’s hardly a coincidence on the timing of the last plott’s creation.


  • Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04
  • CPU Architecture: e5-2696v3, Rzn 9 5900x, Rzn 9 5950x
  • RAM: 128Gb - 256Gb
  • Storage: Any: Raid0 2tbх3, raid0 7.68tbх3, raid0 7.68х4
  • Plot Size: 5700Gb - 29.5Tb
  • Subspace Deployment Method: Assembled from source, 0.5.1-alpha-2


Suddenly, the rafts stopped forming. This error started appearing on 3 machines where plots are generated. The machines have different internet connections and judging by the timing, this cannot be a coincidence. Other users also have this error.

Steps to reproduce

  1. At first I thought it was a bug on one of the computers (didn’t look at the others). Restarting the node did not help, then I wipe plott, summary and node. Then, the node synchronized, but the plott could not be generated. The progress bar does not move. (the process on the screen has been going on for over 11 hours)

  1. When trying to run the node with the key ‘–verbose’, the program gives errors like here

  1. Wipe node, farmer, summary don’t helped.

Expected result

What happens instead

Addition (time, whet plotts-create stopped) - its 3 different CPUs


The issue is actually related to a cache size restriction being hit rather than a particular point in time being reached. The team are aware and are investigating. Thanks for reporting.