Copy node data to a new node and plot with new address

I am trying to run multiple nodes on ubuntu20.0.4 with june_13 version.

There are sub-directories in ~/.local , subspace-node and subspace-farmer . I want to run multiple nodes, can I copy the node data in ~/.local/subspace-node to a new node and plot with a new address?

I have not tested this edge case myself, but in theory it should work, only if you copy the NODE data, NOT the plot data. (plots have to be unique)

Give it a test and let me know Edit: See Ivan-Subspace’s Answer below. Turns out this will just cause the farmer to plot empty plots, thus no rewards

Refer to this portion of the docs for how to set custom paths for node and farmer Farming with the CLI | Subspace Labs Documentation

I’ve been seeing mixed messaging on this.

I was under the impression that each node has to be synced from genesis and bootstrapping from an existing synced node is only possible by running an archive node and using it as the sole source initially.

This won’t do. You would need to resync node with another farmer.

The thing which will work is copying both node and farmer data to another machine if you want to move it (duplicating plots won’t increase your rewards)

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Thank you. I tried above.

After moving ~/.local/subspace-node data to new node , the node id will remain the same as the old node, and even the ~/.local/subspace-farmer directories on new node is empty, the new plot will not plot again.

Gotcha, well always worth testing haha, What you will want to do is on the second node/farmer setup purge and wipe everything, then start fresh just making sure to set a custom path for the second ones :slight_smile: