Community Call Summary 03/24/23

Thanks to everyone that joined our Community Call! For those who couldn’t please check out the abbreviated summary below.

  • Call hosted on Crowdcast, for the most part the platform has positive

  • Round table discussion of Gemini-III experience.

  • Thanking All ambassadors for their support in the community. We’ve seen a lot
    of great feedback as to that. Also thank you to those community members
    who help others everyday on their own time!

  • @jim-counter Showed off our Community Project repository. A place where the
    community can go as a one stop shop to find, like its namesake, Community projects.

  • @Purple_Mone and @DmitryZD Had great project presentations that can be found in out Community Project repository

  • @Fradique Discussed the engagement teams future plans. One highlight is
    non-financial incentives such as earned discord roles that would give
    priority during ambassador cohort applications!

  • @ALPHANOMICON Support updates discussing Node, forum and discord statistics. We continue to see higher activity in the community as time has gone on and the forum is growing which continues to be a huge goal for us.

  • Opened for Q&A time, no questions were asked this call.

Full video HERE

Next call is April, exact date is TBD.

Thank you!


Great Call. Thank you everyone for taking part and collaborating! :rocket: