Changing Reward Addr ( 5 -> st )

I’ve got two node/farmers going. One is 4580G and the other 5500G in size. I can see that both are sync’ed and the drive space is filled via the OS.

I’m using as my reward addr the ‘base’ address, the one that starts with ‘5’. Can I stop my node/farmer and switch out the reward addr from the ‘5’->‘st’ w/o the need to do anything further? I.e. there’s no change in the data structures of the plots ( or will this be seen as a change in the underlying data structures? - Or would I need to do a wipe and replot)?

UPDATE: Looks like changing out the rewards address does not require a wipe/re-plot.

Also - Unless somebody can explain this to me, DO NOT use the address that begins with a ‘5’. Rather the subspace specific addr ought to be used. I made this change and in ~15 minutes got testnet coins ( finally) .

To answer your question you should be able to use both, but it appears there are some issues.

the reward address is not tied to the plot in any way. The farmer and plot are tied together, but this is abstracted from the user and is not a worry to worry about.

In regards to NOT being able to use the 5.... address, @nazar-pc can you take a look at this, I remember we discussed this and it should work either way correct?

Thank you so much. I meant to come back to this.

I think what happened, I wasn’t getting blocks and then switched over to a subspace specific addr format and immediately won a number of blocks right out of the gate. But…I probably fell into the whole correlation causation fallacy :slight_smile:

Any address will work, if not farmer will complain to you. Must have been just a coincidence :slightly_smiling_face:

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