Bumping Linux kernel requirements

Question primarily to those who run farmer on Linux, would it be a big problem for you if kernel upgrade would be required?

Specifically Ubuntu 20.04’s default kernel is too old and doesn’t support some of the features we’d like to use to make farming faster and use less CPU at the same time. Ubuntu 20.04 has good modern HWE kernel, so installing it should be trivial.

We’re looking to require 5.6/5.8 kernel at minimum and maybe also potentially increased memory lock limits in some cases in order to use io_uring.

Looking for any feedback from the community here. If this would be an issue for you I’d like to know more about it.

I would be fairly uncomfortable with a kernel upgrade; however, I’m also running 5.10 in most instances. I have one node that I run < 5.6, but I would not be willing to upgrade it and would choose not to run subspace on that machine.

The reason for not upgrading is uncertainty re: impacts on other processes and having time to validate everything.

i am all for updating to a newer kernel, i run Rocky Linux and i update to newest kernel when they are released anyway.

Please do update. Now is a perfect time with tons of time to test before February.

One of my farmers running on 20.04 the rest on 22.04. It would be painful for me exact for that instance, because there is few more services running which I dont want to rebuild from scratch…

All you need to do to upgrade kernel to much newer version on 20.04 is apt-get install linux-generic-hwe-20.04 and reboot. You ideally need to update kernel and reboot the machine sometimes for security reasons anyway.

It would be fine in my case, currently running Ubuntu 22.04 with 5.15.0-84-generic.