Announcement: You might be on the wrong fork

Isolated Solo Forks
If your farmer node has a block number higher than what you see in the block explorer (latest block), then you are running on a non-canonical fork. The same is true if your log is showing the message below.

Node is running on non-canonical fork

If you don’t join the main chain, you won’t be able to earn any rewards once they get turned on next week.

  1. Download the latest release Releases · subspace/subspace · GitHub
  2. Restart your node with the latest release
  3. If you see a message in your terminal/log that says “Node is running on non-canonical fork”, you need to wipe, purge, and reset your node using the latest release (instructions: Farming with the CLI | Subspace Labs Documentation )

We have observed instances where a new farmer node joining Gemini would get connected only to peers with zero blocks synced. Under that edge case, some nodes would start producing their version of the genesis block and continue building on that parallel, non-canonical chain by themselves. However, these forks don’t contain any history, and they won’t earn any rewards if they continue on that parallel fork.

For the latest block number on the main chain, check the explorer below. If you are successfully farming blocks, it is easy to check if you are on the main chain by entering your block hash in the explorer to see if there is a match. If not, then you are likely farming the wrong fork. Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Unfortunately, there is no soft fix to this problem other than upgrading your node since the affected nodes treat their chain as the longest chain, albeit containing only empty blocks. Once you upgrade your node to the latest release, you will be able to quickly tell if you are one of the affected nodes by looking at the messages in your terminal/logs like below.

Steps to follow
First of all, if you haven’t done it, please upgrade your node to the latest release by following the link below. Farming with the CLI | Subspace Labs Documentation
Once you restart your node with the new release, you will see the warning message below as double confirmation you are on the wrong fork. Then you will need to follow the steps to reset your node. (For Desktop users, you will need to go into your logs to check.)
[Node is running on non-canonical fork, full node and farmer reset is required]

Please follow the steps below to reset your node: Farming with the CLI | Subspace Labs Documentation After the reset, you will be syncing from the genesis block again, but on the main chain this time. We totally understand that restarting the syncing process anew is not ideal.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on a new start time to enable rewards for Gemini.

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