AI Hackathon Winners

Celebrating Our Champions: Subspace Network AI Hackathon Winners!

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Subspace Network AI Hackathon.

Before we unveil the champions, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who participated. Your enthusiasm, innovative spirit, and the will to push boundaries truly represent the ethos of our community.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

:1st_place_medal: Best Overall - $100 USDC

Congratulations to yomek#0828 for Best Overall! Your artwork truly shone, demonstrating an exceptional combination of creativity and AI technology to enhance the Subspace Network’s visibility. The graphics are the product of Midjorney, ChatGPT, with the final touch-ups made in Photoshop.

The original intention was to spark innovative thoughts and visuals to craft a pictorial narrative, promoting the Subspace Network and the development of new Hard Disk Cities. This is a great representation of the complex ideas turned into simple concepts.

:medal_sports: Best Design - $50 USDC

For Best Design, we have Saimon#5115. The artwork profoundly embodied an ingenious fusion of Subspace’s relentless pursuit to conquer the blockchain trilemma. We express our deepest gratitude for your vibrant and active promotion of the Subspace mission.

:medal_sports: Best Technical - $50 USDC

For Best Technical, we have nescampos#5134 whose Consulting Trainer exhibited great promise and exceptional technical knowledge. Consulting Trainer, an advanced platform that leverages OpenAI, LangChain, and CAMEL technologies, effectively simulates topic-specific dialogues between two individuals. This innovative solution can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of interview processes or requirements gathering within the realm of Web3.

Consulting Trainer was conceived as a solution specifically for those new to the Web3 landscape, particularly developers embarking on novel projects, whether they are founders or consultants. The challenge of defining project requirements in this emerging field can often lead to cumbersome procedures riddled with errors. Hence, the Consulting Trainer aims to simplify this process, providing a systematic training approach to comprehensively cover all requirements. This, in turn, enhances the skills of Web3 developers, focusing not only on technical prowess but also on crucial non-technical abilities.

Explainer Video: Consulting Trainer - YouTube

Consulting Trainer GitHub: GitHub - nescampos/consulting-trainer

:medal_sports: Best Execution - $50 USDC

For Best Execution, we have Danny.D#2974 with Web3 Analytics. Web3 Analytics emerges as the future of AI-powered data assistance for the web3 ecosystem. Through its user-friendly chat interface, it offers effortless access to on-chain data such as Subspace’s top 10 addresses, trading data, and more. What’s more, it empowers users to interact directly with web3 services through conversational commands, enabling activities like data uploads to Subspace, and so forth, in a seamless, chat-based environment.

This AI-driven Web3 data portal is meticulously crafted to equip users with superior decision-making capabilities, enhancing community support, and facilitating the selection of optimal Web3 services.

Explainer Video: Mock of AI chat for subspace - YouTube

Web3 Analytics:

:bangbang: All winners must contact Fradique via direct message on Discord to claim their respective awards. Fradique will reach out to the participants who qualified for the NFT Proof of Attendance Protocol Rewards!

Our winners exhibited exemplary creativity and dedication for the Subspace Network, building solutions that underline the transformative power of AI. We wish to acknowledge all the participants of the Hackathon. Each project was unique and presented insightful solutions. It is your relentless spirit and the will to innovate that made this event a grand success.

To our winners – Congratulations! To all our participants – Thank you! We eagerly look forward to your continued contributions to the Subspace Network community.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming events and opportunities to further explore the limitless potential of AI in the Subspace Network ecosystem. :wink:


Thank you for organizing the hackathon, it was very interesting to participate, during the event I tried to come up with many different ideas and concepts and combine them with each other, an unusual experience
I really like web 3 AI analist, tested different questions, really gives great results