Abnormal logs. Too many signed rewards and claimed blocks

VPS 4/8/160 The node is syncing very slow, and node and farmer logs are abnormal (compared with other testers nodes on the identical VPS and with identical installation process). There are too many signed rewards and claimed blocks, despite i don’t get any rewards on my wallet. The node is updated. I don’t want to delete everything and sync it from the beginning. Any fixes?

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Hey @Antony_Shcroder Looks like you’ve won the game of blockchain!

just kidding :smile:, in all seriousness what likely occurred here is your node forked at some point, and is now the only farmer on its own little isolated network, as such you are winning every block possible. You will want to do the following.

  1. Make sure you are up to date on the latest snapshot (we just released one today.)
  2. We will need to purge & wipe your plot, this will cause you to resync from Genesis on the right chain.

Link below will take you to the Wipe & Purge section

i am not sure if i have the same issue, but my node if fully synced and at 1m+ block right now
farmer show same logs as original author has

should I update and resync as well?

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yes, 1m+ should not be where you are this is past the canonical chain.