A large number of: subspace_networking::node_runner: Public address status changed

This is a server with a 7002 series CPU, and it frequently experiences a large number of “subspace_networking::node_runner: Public address status changed.” messages.

On the other hand, another server with a 7003 series CPU also occasionally experiences these messages, but not as frequently. What could be the reason for this?

I think this might affect the plotting speed because the plots with frequent occurrences of this alert are the slowest ones.

It shouldn’t affect plotting speed, this is just an informational message.

@shamil this is one of those messages that networking probably shouldn’t print at all, WDYT?

It’s a candidate for downgrading to the debug level for sure. However, I’d wait for the initial test of the new automatic Kademlia mode on the Gemini-next launch. The message could be critical in fast problem detection. After that, we will hide the message.